Riihivuoren Vuokramökit - General terms and conditions concerning reservations

Vuokramökit observes the following terms and conditions for reservation of accommodation and cancellation of reserved services. These conditions are binding for both parties from the moment the customer makes a reservation. Separate sales conditions apply to meetings, group reservations, and event bookings.

1. Reservation and payment via SALES SERVICES

A reservation is binding from the moment it is made, whether it was made via telephone or in writing. A handling fee of ¤19 is added to the cost of the reservation. Customers must comply with Vuokramökit general terms of payment. When arriving to obtain the key, the customer must present receipts for the payments made to Vuokramökit. If the reservation was made via a travel agency, the customer must present and surrender the voucher for reserved services at Reception.

2. Cancellation
Vuokramökit must always be informed of a cancellation in writing. Not making the payment is not a cancellation. If the client does not cancel his reservation and the accommodation is left unreserved due to the unpaid reservation (which has not been cancelled in writing), the whole sum of the reservation is charged from the customer.

Terms of cancellation outside high season
Cancellation fee is 95 ¤ per reservation if the cancellation is made earlier than 14 days before arrival. The difference between first payment and cancellation fee is refunded. If the cancellation is done less than 14 days before arrival, cancellation fee is the whole sum of the reservation, no payments are refunded.

Terms of cancellation during high season
Cancellation fee is 20 % of the sum of the accommodation, although minimum 95 ¤. Cancellation fee is 50% of the whole sum if the accommodation is cancelled 59-30 days before the arrival. The cancellation fee is the whole sum of the reservation if the cancellation is done less than 30 days before the beginning of the reservation, no payments are refunded.
Changing the accommodation from another holiday house is considered a cancellation and making of a new reservation. The payments made can not be transferred from one apartment to another, because the holiday apartments available through Vuokramökit have several different owners and therefore the change is a cancellation from the other owner's point of view and a new booking from the other owner's point of view.
General silence on the area 23 - 07. If the people are being. If the guests are causing undue interference, and do not co-operate with the guard, the reservation may be terminated instantly and no payments are refunded.
We recommend taking out an insurance against sudden illness or accidents. Changes in weather conditions, number of slopes or routes available do not change the terms of reservation and cancellation.

3. The right of Vuokramökit to cancel a reservation
In the event of force majeure or factors attributable to the proprietor of the holiday property (such as changes in proprietorship), the proprietor of the holiday property may cancel the agreement through Vuokramökit, in which case Vuokramökit must inform the customer of the cancellation as soon as possible. In such a case, the customer is entitled to a full refund of the payment made to Vuokramökit. Vuokramökit may cancel a reservation if the customer has not followed the terms of payment. Vuokramökit may cancel a Web reservation automatically if the minimum reservation period for weekends or high season, as stated in the price list, is not honoured in making of the reservation.

4. Collection of the key and cleaning
The key is collected from the Vuokramökit reception area during its service hours. If you wish to collect the key outside opening hours, you must inform Vuokramökit of this and arrange separate delivery. The holiday premises are at your disposal from 4pm on the arrival day and must be vacated by noon on the departure day. The resident is responsible for cleaning the holiday property during the holiday and before departure. We expect the customer to do the following: take out the rubbish, hoover the floors, wash the dishes (and empty the dishwasher), remove stains and dirt, return items to their designated places, and make the beds. If you do not wish to clean the premises yourself before departure, you may purchase cleaning services from Vuokramökit. The minimum cleaning fee is ¤60 per cabin – the actual charges depend on the size of the cabin. If cleaning has not been arranged, Vuokramökit is entitled to collect a cleaning fee of at least ¤90 for a cabin left uncleaned. Even if cleaning has been arranged, the cabin is expected to be in reasonable condition, with furniture and other equipment in the proper place and unbroken, rubbish taken out, and any bio-matter removed. Also, the yard of the holiday property must be tidy. If the holiday property is not in the expected state of cleanliness at the end of a reservation period and the caretaker has to clean it, a fee of ¤50 per hour used for cleaning will be charged afterwards. A separate fee of ¤12 per set will also be charged for linens (not included in the rental price). If a key is lost, the actual cost of changing the locks will be charged to the customer. The door-opening fee is ¤15 on weekdays between 8am and 8pm, and ¤45 at other times.

5. Compensation for damage
The customer is responsible for the contents of the rented cabin during the rental period. The customer is liable to compensate Vuokramökit for any damage caused to the property or its contents during the rental period.

6. Number of persons
The holiday property must not be used by more people than specified in the brochure. The use of tents, camper vans, or mobile homes on the holiday property site is forbidden without explicit permission from Vuokramökit. A fee of ¤25 for each additional person is applicablek.

7. Complaints
Any complaints about the reservation or the condition of the holiday property should be expressed in writing immediately after they arise, to Vuokramökit: Riihivuoren Vuokramökit, Riihivuori, 40950 Muurame; tel. +358 (0)20 711 9235. Vuokramökit will supply a claim form.

8. Smoking and pets
Smoking indoors is forbidden at all holiday properties. Unauthorised smoking indoors will incur an airing fee of ¤100. Vuokramökit must always be informed of any pets brought to the holiday property.
A fee of ¤17 per reservation will be charged for each pet. Pets brought without permission will incur an additional charge of ¤40 per pet per day Vuokramökit takes no responsibility for problems, such as allergic reactions, caused by unauthorised smoking or animal dust.

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